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5 Tips for Time Management in College

For many of us, college is the first time in our lives that we have complete freedom over our schedules – and there is no shortage of options for how to spend your time. Should you study in the library? …

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Here Are 10 High-Paying Jobs You Can Land With an Associate’s Degree

You can build a prosperous career without pursuing higher education. But a degree certainly doesn’t hurt your chances of landing a high-paying job—and that includes an associate’s degree.

An associate’s degree can lay the foundation for a financially rewarding career. …

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How to Succeed During Your College Years

Going to college comes with much anticipation as well as copious amounts of nervous energy. Will I be accepted to my top school? Who is going to be my roommate? What will it be like to live on my own?

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Why Did You Go to College?

We are delighted to welcome a new contributor to Vault’s careers blog. After a successful career as a Silicon Valley high-tech executive, Alan McMillan wanted to give something back to the generations coming behind him. Seeing many members of his …

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The Cost of College: What’s a Degree Worth (in Everyday Items)?

While it depends on what kind of college you attend — public or private, in-state vs. not — the cost of college isn’t cheap. Using research for the Education Data Initiative, we put the cost of college into perspective to …

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4 Personal Finance Concepts All Students Should Know

Given the widespread adoption of Covid vaccinations, college students are increasingly heading back to college campuses and attending classes in person again. Naturally, the desire to overindulge in collegiate events and festivities could lead to splurging beyond your means. So, …

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When Do College Students Need to Do an Internship?

You may know that internships are a great launching point for your career, giving you a leg up in the application process, professional experience, job skills, and more. But when do college students need to do an internship? Is it …

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8 Resume Tips for Older Job Seekers

Age might not always work to your advantage when searching for a job. Sometimes, hiring managers with age biases see older job seekers as having a tough time keeping up with younger job seekers when it comes to technology and …

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