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Justice Involved Person

A person currently or formerly incarcerated in the justice system.



APAC, Inc. Provides Assistant with Bills & Food Boxes

Their office is a non-profit agency that offers energy assistance (LIHEAP program) which if eligible helps pay your light/gas bill. …

Fidelity Bonding Program

 Do you have concerns about hiring new employees? Let our workforce professionals show you how the Fidelity Bonding Program can …

Return For Good

Return for Good – Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections

Returning workers are highly skilled, highly trained, motivated candidates. …

2nd Chance

2nd Chance Living PMI Inc. was established December 29 , 2017 and is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  Through real-life experience as well …

Adult Reentry Program

The purpose of this program is to expand substance use disorder (SUD) treatment and related recovery and reentry services to …

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