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If you’re in high school, the past year probably has you asking some big questions: “Am I on the right path? Is college worth it? What should I do after high school?!?!”

Between a worldwide pandemic and the rising social justice movement, it’s no surprise that one in four high school students changed their educational plans over the last year. But if you’re in that boat, you don’t have to feel lost or alone.

We’re going to take you through tons of options for your future—and hear from people who’ve walked those paths before you. You’ll see that there are still plenty of fulfilling paths you can take to reach your post-high school dreams—including workforce development programs, trade school, apprenticeships, certifications, community college, and four-year universities. But most importantly, you’ll see that there’s a path out there that’s just right for you.

If you’re a high school student who’s still feeling uncertain about the future, you’re not alone! Check out our website Possible Dreams, Possible Paths to hear more stories from high schoolers across the country, and get inspiration for your own future: https://bit.ly/3n8JRsq

Video Contents:
00:00 Introduction: Choosing what to do after high school
01:57 “So, I’m not sure I want to go to college…”
02:09 Workforce development programs
03:47 Trade school
04:37 Apprenticeships
05:24 Certificate programs
07:08 “I think college is the right path for me.”
07:32 Community college
8:49 Universities
11:28 Conclusion

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