7 Benefits of Technical Skill Development

7 Benefits of Technical Skill Development was originally published on Vault.

From the moment we wake up to the time we turn in for the day, we’re using technology in some form or another. Its permeation is so widespread that we can’t think of a life without gadgets and tools. Developing technical skills doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s something worth investing in. Here are seven benefits of technical skill development.

1. Enrich Your Skill Set

When I started digital marketing, not many people in my niche knew about things like SEO or conversion rate optimization. But, there was (and still is) a huge demand for these services, especially when it came to website development. So, I put two and two together and started building my SEO knowledge.

My skill set became richer and now, I can bundle up SEO services with website development. By going above and beyond my call of duty, I boosted client satisfaction. I was able to retain clients in a competitive market and earn many referrals and positive reviews in the process.

2. Get Better Job Opportunities

Companies realize the importance of having a skilled workforce. If they want to get and stay ahead of the competition and improve their productivity, they need to attract tech-savvy employees.

That’s why 63% of CIOs have expanded their recruitment budgets and are placing a higher premium on job applicants with stand-out technical skills.

What does that mean for job seekers?

It means that they can land higher-paying jobs by equipping themselves with technical skills that their peers don’t possess. They will have an edge at the salary-negotiation stage, which can be leveraged to secure fatter paychecks.

3. Become Eligible for Promotions

To keep climbing the corporate ladder, you need to upskill yourself constantly. That’s where technical skill development can play a role.

Let me illustrate this with an example.

Say your company is big on email marketing for lead generation and you are in charge of email campaigns. If you are a pro at marketing automation, you become a valuable resource for your company.

How so?

By automating your campaigns, you can save the company loads of time and money. No company will want to let go of a productive employee like you. You can use this advantage as a lever to beat your peers for promotions.

Moreover, you will enjoy job security and better morale, knowing how much your company values you. All of this translates into better productivity, which in turn, fosters employer trust.

4. Save Time and Money

Every time you solve a technical issue without external help, you will save money. From troubleshooting PC problems to setting up a VOIP system, you can handle everything independently if you are adept at using technology. Moreover, you reduce dependency on professionals who overcharge you for something that could be fixed within minutes at home.

Not only money, but technical know-how can save you a lot of time too.

For instance, if you use editing apps like Grammarly to proofread your content, you won’t have to go through it manually. You will be able to churn out quality content at scale without spending hours editing it by hand. The more sophisticated the tool, the more flawless the editing. Over time, you might be able to do away with editors who charge by the hour altogether.

5. Make Intelligent Purchase Decisions

Ignorance is not bliss anymore. It can, in fact, cost you bundles of dollars.

If you are tech-savvy, nobody will be able to rip you off by selling you sub-standard goods. You can make informed purchase decisions after inspecting technical specs and comparing the costs of similar products.

You can assemble equipment from scratch and procure the components at low rates. You can hit the price-performance sweet spot if you know what is non-negotiable and what can be compromised on.

6. Stay Relevant and Future-Ready

Technology becomes obsolete real quickly. To stay relevant and competitive, you need to reskill yourself with the latest tools and technologies. If you’re stuck in a technological void, you might find yourself redundant.

Take retail stores for instance. More and more retailers are complementing their brick-and-mortar outlets with e-commerce websites. By doing so, they can reach online shoppers and multiply their revenue.

Even if you hire a professional e-commerce developer to design your online shop with Shopify, you will need some basic knowledge to manage your shop efficiently. After all, developers are not at your beck-and-call 24×7.

Even if you have a customer help desk, you need to be in the technical loop so that you’re not taken for a ride. That’s why it pays to stay on top of your technology stack.

7. Open Up Alternate Income Avenues

Last but not least, being tech-savvy can generate passive income for you. You can sell your skills and expertise and set up an alternative career for yourself. The key is to pick technical skills that are in demand and have scope for diversification.

For example, if you’re adept at using video-editing tools, you can pick up freelance gigs in your free time. Or if you’re in the creative field, you can make animated presentations with gifs, charts, graphics for your clients using free Visme templates.

Gradually, you can build demonstrable work experience and make it your main profession.

Shane Barker is a digital marketing consultant who specializes in influencer marketing, content marketing, and SEO. He is the co-founder of Attrock, a digital marketing agency. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, influencers with digital products, and a number of A-List celebrities.